FRIENDS: The One Where They Sing!

(The UnAuthorized Musical Parody)



Based on the first season of the highly successful TV Show “FRIENDS”; this 90-Minute Musical Parody written and directed by Eli Golden has some of Chicago’s Top Comedic Talent portraying your favorite group of acquaintances like you have never seen them before!


Marrying an Original Score, physical humor, a live band, fun choreography and mixed media elements; this nostalgic musical roller coaster not only PARODIES “FRIENDS” but musicals in general! With references to your favorite Broadway hits and nods to future story lines in the TV show, you can play an optional drinking game outlined in your Playbill (and the theater is BYOB!).


So if you’re a Die Hard fan of FRIENDS, A Musical Nerd, or just someone who likes a good laugh then “FRIENDS: The One Where They Sing! (An Unauthorized Musical Parody)” is a show that you won’t want to miss! 




Anyone else now budgeting for plane tickets to Chicago? We NEED to see this.
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Oliver Austin Berger

Abby Vatterott is a comedian, improviser, actor and human girl. Since earning her B.F.A. in Musical Theatre in 2012, she moved to Chicago from St. Louis to study and perform improv and sketch comedy. Graduate of iO Training Center and Second City’s Musical Conservatory; she’s performed all over the city in every capacity. She currently performs in VAMP- A Musical Comedy Show and is a producer/performer in her weekly comedy variety show; Lindsey’s Calling at MCL Chicago. Abby just finished a run of her hilarious one-woman show: Selfie Defense at The Wip Theatre and is actively following the 2016 presidential campaign in a webseries called Citizen Kate as Kate.


Oliver Austin Berger was once told by his 3rd grade teacher that “Being a class clown would never get you anywhere!” Since then Oliver has studied musical theater at the Youth Academy of Dramatic Arts, Carnegie Mellon, CAP-21 Tish and Columbia College Chicago as well as being a graduate of the Comedy Studies Program through The Second City Chicago. He went on to be part of the ComedySportz Chicago House team “Caliber”, Tour the country with Mission IMPROVable and play on the MINT teams “Mint Jelly” and “X-MINT!” Currently represented by Stewart Talent & Lori Lynns Talent, Oliver can be seen hosting the weekly show he created at ComedySportz Chicago called Get On Up: The Improv Jam as well as various other stages. The point is SUCK IT MRS.CHAN of Wanner Elementary School!

Ethan Krupp


Ethan Krupp was voted as "Ross" in his 6th Grade group of friends, and has felt uneasy about it ever since. He is a graduate of The Second City Training Center Conservatory and Music Conservatory and performs throughout Chicago, notably with Buzzed Broadway, The Greatest Story Never Told, and his independent team Around the Alamo. He wrote the book and lyrics for "The Thanksgiving Circumcision," a new musical that opened at MCL in 2015. By day he does marketing for AMPY (

Abby Vatterott


Abby Vatterott is a comedian, improviser, actor and human girl. Since earning her B.F.A. in Musical Theatre in 2012, she moved to Chicago from St. Louis to study and perform improv and sketch comedy. Graduate of iO Training Center and Second City’s Musical Conservatory; she’s performed all over the city in every capacity. She currently performs in VAMP- A Musical Comedy Show and is a producer/performer in her weekly comedy variety show; Lindsey’s Calling at MCL Chicago. Abby just finished a run of her hilarious one-woman show: Selfie Defense at The Wip Theatre and is actively following the 2016 presidential campaign in a webseries called Citizen Kate as Kate.

Nicole Vespa


Nicole Vespa used to be a high school English/Drama teacher, but she was often mistaken for a student. Since moving to Chicago, Nicole has completed improv training programs at The Second City and iO. You can watch her improvise with Ghost Car at the Playground Theater, or Gideon (a Harold team) at iO Theater. She occasionally dabbles in music improv at MCL, and in her kitchen. She crafts, she bakes, she plays violin (and recently guitar!) and she's pleased you're still reading this bio.

Nate Curlott


Nate is an actor/improviser fresHly moved to ChicagO from the great state of IoWa. He regularly played with the Quad Cities ComedySportz, and recentlY performed as Michael/Mark in the United States premier of The Bull, The Moon, and The Coronet of Stars at the Bloomington Playwrights Project in Bloomington, IN. Other theater credits include Arnold Wiggins in Shawnee Theater’s prOdUction of The Boys Next Door anD The Baby as a part of Louisville Championship Arm Wrestling (It’s a real thing! LoOk it up!) If you don’t find Nate on the couch doing absolutely nothing, he’s probably grabbINg something from the fridge and will return shortly! How do I feel about Joey? Solve this bio’s clues for your answer!

Laura Marsh


Laura is a Second City Conservatory and Musical Improvisation Conservatory graduate, and is currently enrolled in The School at ComedySportz. She toured the country with Curious George Live!, performed aboard a Disney cruise ship, and was a featured performer in Elspe, Germany at the Karl May Festspiele. Laura can be seen performing around Chicago and has also choreographed many shows in the city. Check out her website for any upcoming shows at, but please don't make fun of it. She created it herself and worked very hard on it. 

Scott Allen Curry

"Paul, Fat Monica, Perker"

Scottie thought he was way too cool back in the day to like a tv show like Friends.... But no one is doing a musical parody of "My so called life" so here we are. Scottie is lucky to be part of this show so he can surround himself with the real friends he's made since moving to Chicago. Before moving to the Windy City. Scott directed and preformed in Salt Lake City, Utah, Orange Co., California, and at Sea. Last seen in Antic's Roadshow an original have improvised musical he co- created. Scott can also be seen currently in the musical improv team POP: Soda. He is a usual face at MINt at MCL: Chicago and currently in the Musical Conservatory Program at Second City TC.  Look out for him in "Newsie" and one man tribute to the film that change his life. 

Emily LeClair


Emily LeClair passed away from complications due to embarrassment on the evening of Saturday, February 6th, 2016.  She is survived by both of her parents and three older siblings who left her at church once. Raised on a farm, she was known as a lover of animals, but she was not a “horse girl”, more of a stray cat whisperer. Throughout her school years she was staunchly anti-drug, winning both the poster and essay contests at her D.A.R.E. program graduation. High school and college brought little to bear in comparison to that honor aside from being voted “Best Hair” her senior year of high school. Many on her robust hate forum have said that winning “Best Hair” in a class of 36 people is a joke, a joke LeClair never quite got. After attending St. Olaf College, Ms. LeClair made a home with her friends in Minneapolis until their apartment developed an odious bat problem, hence her being a proud recipient of a round of the Rabies vaccine. It seemed as good a time as ever to move to Chicago to study improvisational comedy, where she lived out the rest of her days in optimistic mediocrity.



Marie does a lot of burlesque and a little bit of real theatre. You can see her in various stages of undress with The Belmont Burlesque Revue and Plan 9 Burlesque. Please note, however, if she is undressed in the show tonight, something has gone horribly wrong. She enjoys musical theatre, 90s TV, and playing with a bunch of super fun dorks, so she's pretty sure she's in the right place.

Bobby Hoffman

"GUNTHER - Paulo"

Bobby Hoffman is a writer, performer, burlesque dancer, and tech who has been in and around Chicago ever since he has existed on a cellular level. He's seen things, the kind of things you can't forget smelling. You can find him with Plan 9 Burlesque, at Stage 773, or petting his cats and annoying his amazing girlfriend Kim. He thanks his family for letting him grow up ever so odd, and Eli for dragging him into this against his will.

Katie Maggart

"Understudy - Rachel"

A Michigan State University Theatre program alumni, and current student at both Second City and iO theatre, Katie Maggart is ecstatic to join the cast of Friends: The One Where They Sing, and Unauthorized Parody. Shout to Vanessa Bayer for her spot on impression of Rachel Green on SNL, which had provided endless inspiration, as well this kick ass cast and crew. And finally, a thank you to my family, who has never once said that moving to a city to be funny for a living would be a bad idea. #illbethereforyou #pleasedontsue

Audrey Beauchamp


Audrey Beauchamp is beyond excited to understudy her life role model, Phoebe! She has recently completed the Severn Darden Graduate Program at Second City concluding in a sketch review entitled SELF ESTEAMPUNK. Audrey is also a company member of the sketch group "Legends in the Game" and has put on numerous reviews such as "Go To Hell" (De Maat Theater, Gorilla Tango) and "New Hack City" (Stage 773, Sketchiest 2016). In addition, Audrey also enjoys performing burlesque/solo sketch in numerous theaters and festivals around the city under the name "Peaches N. Cream." Audrey often guest performs as "Peaches N. Cream" with Vaudeville at Stage 773 on Saturday nights. Lastly, you can watch her perform every Wednesday at MCL Chicago in her musical improv group "Oh Mint Lanta."

Andreas TSironis


Andreas Tsironis was told by every girl in middle school that they “liked him as a friend”, so he’s certainly hoping you’ll like him in Friends: The One Where They Sing! A graduate of DePaul Univeristy, Andreas can be found throughout Chicago attempting to do improv on the CSz Chicago House team “Atomic”, or with his independent team VOSS. When not doing that, Andreas can be found nose deep in comic books, spouting sea otter facts, and whispering in his dog’s ear, “You’re a dog.” Andreas would like to thank his parents and girlfriend who all asked, “You can sing?” once he was cast.

Alex Divirgilio


Alex DiVirgilio is a graduate of Niagara University in New York. Alex has also graduated from the iO Training Program. He has produced and performed in "Live at MCL with Alex and Max" and currently performs as part of MINt (MCL), Omega (ComedySportz), Storytown (773), Funny Bones, and is part of The Artist's Lab (Stage 773).

Liz Anderson


Liz Anderson is a writer and comedian living in Chicago, IL. Originally from Florida, she is a former member and President of Theatre Strike Force, the University of Florida’s premier improv and sketch comedy troupe. She studied at The Second City, UCB Theatre , and iO Chicago. She has previously been a writer for Sorry We’re Late (a live sitcom-style late night show) and the Peaches and Hot Sauce comedy network. She is currently the writer and director of The One-Woman No-Show, originally produced at The Annoyance Theater and Bar. She is currently a member of the Chicago Improv Productions Touring Co., and in her spare time is a Saturday morning DJ on Chicago Independent Radio (CHIRP Radio).

The Creative Team

These are the people who work behind the scenes to deliver the best show possible.




Eli's sister got her PH.D. in Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins. He writes poop jokes. Enjoy the show.

OLiver Berger


Oliver Austin Berger has a background in acting, directing, as well as writing. He has studied acting/performing at Carnegie Mellon, CAP-21 Tish, The Second City, and ComedySportz and has a BA in Theater from Columbia College Chicago. Oliver has also been working as a Stage Manager/ Lighting Technician for several years. Working on shows like Yippee Ki Yay Merry Christmas, Chicago Doo Wop Dreams, ComedySportz Chicago, The Stevens Family, and several Improv Festivals around the US. He is no stranger to being behind the camera as well. Growing up in Los Angeles, Oliver would often help as a P.A. on various big budget projects for both film and television. He has written and directed several short films including "Men At Work" which was an official selection of "The 4th Annual Big-Little Comedy Fest". He continues to develop media content as Dave & Company's Media Producer. Oliver looks forward to collaborating with other talented individuals to create truly great work. (photo not to scale)

Laura Marsh


Laura has choreographed many shows in Chicago including: Trash Boy: The Musical!, Thanksgiving Circumcision, Fleetwood Macbeth, Yippee Ki-Ya, Merry Christmas: A Die Hard Musical, and Where are You, Carmen Sanbliego?, as well as many scenes and sketches in the Chicago comedy communityChoreography credits outside of Chicago include The Wedding Singer, Oklahoma!, Little Women the Musical, and Peter and the Wolf. Check out her website to catch some of her upcoming dance moves set on other people, many of which are inspired by Michael Jackson, at

Byron Roussin

Stage Manager

Byron Roussin is the producer, stage manager, and professional encouragement for FRIENDS: The One Where They Sing. He’s a St Louis, MO native who has been in Chicago approximately 7-8 years. Byron is a graduate of the IO improv program, Second City writing program, and Second City Conservatory program. He has managed shows at IO, Second City, The Annoyance, MCL, and Stage 773. The credits he’s most proud of include MINT Music Improv, Hitchcocktails at Annoyance, and Anarchy: the Improvised Rock Musical at MCL. In addition to stage managing, Byron is also an accomplished storyteller who can be seen at various storytelling and live lit events around Chicago. Byron is Chandler while sober and Joey while drunk.


All though the show was originally performed at Stage 773 to a bigger house we decided to move the show to a more intimate setting to make it a more immersive experience!

FRIENDS: The One Where They Sing!(The UnAuthorized Musical Parody) will be playing at...


3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
Steps from the Belmont CTA stop!

Reserve parking at




To buy tickets click the link